Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hadley in the 1960 Yankee Press Guide

1960 write up in the Yankee Yearbook
In 1960 the injury prone-Moose Skowron limped into spring training. Manager Casey Stengle had bad news for the Yankee All-Star, if he couldn't play, Kent Hadley could. Hadley had a great year with the A's and was a proven hitter. That didn't sit well with Moose, or his best buddies Mickey and Whitey. Kent Hadley came over in the trade with Maris in December and Mickey was clearly threatened by Maris. Worse yet the former A's were not warmly recieved well by Stengel or the front office who tried to short change the A's. Hadley signed for just $10-thousand, Maris just a few dollars more. Maris and Hadley were both soft-spoken, both knew if they got the chance they could compete with the starters.

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