Friday, October 23, 2009

1959 Kansas City Athletics

Photo caption: OFF-FIELD MANAGER of Kent Hadley, Kansas City A's infield candidate, is Lynn Hadley, one-half-year-old daughter, who gives dad pep talk before drills at Connie Mack Field here. Hadley, a native of Pocatello, Idaho, played for Little Rock last season where he belted 34 home runs and drove in 91.

Kansas City Press was Gaga over Hadley and Adorable Daughter
After a stellar intercollegiate career at USC, Kent Hadley was named an All-American his senior year. Then it was off to Little Rock and the minor leagues where he was a one man wrecking crew. The tall, quiet lefty from Pocatello terrorized southern pitching with 38 homeruns, that earned him a trip to the bigs and a starting job as firstbaseman for the A's. While in Kansas City he met another phenom...a skinny, shy kid from North Dakota a guy by the name of Roger, Roger Maris. The two hit it off and were fast friends, in December 1959 the A's two brightest prospects were traded to the Yankees.

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